Cartesian I/O library - File I/O library for Cartesian data structure.

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Welcome to CIOlib

The Cartesian Input/Output Library (CIOlib) is a C++ class library that manages file I/O for Cartesian grid data.


CIOlib offers the following functions:

  • Management of grid and domain decomposition information using DFI metadata
  • SPH and BOV (BVX) file format support
  • MxN loading (for different numbers of parallel executions)
  • Data loading from coarse to fine meshes (for cases in which the fraction of grids in each direction is 1/2 – or 1/8 for 3D)
  • Staging (copying files to a directory by rank using an external program)
  • External distributed parallel file conversion support (SPH,BOV → SPH,BOV,PLOT3D,AVS,VTK)


  • BSD (2-clause) license

Software Requirement

  • MPI library
  • Text parser library

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