FFV-C package

Release package of FFV-C and related libraries.

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Frontflow/violet Cartesian is a three-dimensional unsteady incompressible thermal flow simulator on a Cartesian grid system. This solver is designed so as to assist practical design in industry fields by powerful voxel based approach and to achieve higher parallel performance on massively parallel computers.

How to install the package?

It is very simple to install this software package into your computer system. If your system already has compilers and MPI library, just type as follows after download the package. The default install directory is /usr/local/FFV.

$ tar xvfz avr-aics-riken-ffvc_package-x.x.x.tar.gz
$ cd avr-aics-riken-ffvc_package-x.x.x
$ export CC=... CXX=... F90=... FC=...
$ ./install.sh <intel|fx10|K> <INST_DIR> {serial|mpi} {double|float}


BSD (2-clause) license

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keno@{cc.kymushu-u.ac, riken}.jp